Most frequent questions and answers

Hygiene First LLC is a for-profit business that specializes in hygiene education for schools (public, private, & charter), community non-profits, government agencies, corporations, etc… Hygiene First was created with everyone in mind, as hygiene does NOT have a gender, race or sexual preference. Hygiene is Inclusive and impacts everyone throughout their life.
The goal is to highlight the disparity¬†between communities nationwide (focus on the U.S.) that people are faced with due to low income, loss of income/job, loss of home (homelessness), etc…

At Hygiene First LLC, we provide hygiene vending machines – a machine that enables automatic distribution of protective and hygienic products.

You can purchase the machine by emailing us at info@hygienefirst.online and we’ll have it delivered to you.

You can find us in Long Beach, CA