About us


Nickeya Hannah is the CEO & Creator of Hygiene First LLC, a for-profit business that specializes in hygiene education for schools (public, private, & charter), community non-profits, government agencies, corporations, etc… Hygiene First was created with everyone in mind, as hygiene does NOT have a gender, race or sexual preference. Hygiene is Inclusive and impacts everyone throughout their life.

Nickeya found a gap in the marketplace on how we communicate about hygiene or the lack of communication, and how to best use the products

that fit your personal needs. Rather it is feminine hygiene, male hygiene, or hygiene in the workplace, school, etc…) there is a real disconnect in hygiene etiquette. By partnering with Hygiene First you will be connected to our online courses (Hygiene Education in School, Good Hygiene in the Workplace, Personal Hygiene, etc…) Our courses come with a hygiene bag, and some essentials that are specific to your personal needs. Hygiene First also offers Hygiene Vending machines for your trusted location. Our machines are a great way to distribute these essentials and track the data for your future budgeting. Nickeya has served as a hygiene ambassador in her community since 2016, where she has hosted over six conferences, 25 workshops, 10 plus speaking engagements, and presented at the 2022 My Period Campaign in Ghana, Africa.